Eleven Graces

The Journey to Grace

Like everyone making their way through this journey of life, I have danced through moments of joy and delight, and trudged through times of confusion and despair. Walking the daily path certainly provides continuous challenges - studying, working, raising a family, juggling time, finances, transportation, feeding people, cleaning… - multi-tasking required! The everyday journey can feel like a washing machine spin cycle. And spinning can make you exhausted and feel as if you have lost sight of the path. I prayed for Grace. Or a sign. A lot. The only sign that came was odd and with crazy frequency- when...

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Spin Cycle

Spin cycles come and go in different stages of life. My long spin cycle spun three active and busy children, a busy husband, and an alarm clock that loudly shouted “GO” bright and early each day! - Jump into jeans and a t-shirt, hair control via ponytail, and most importantly, - fast shoes. Fast shoes are often not terribly attractive, but this must be overlooked because they are fast. As this was not a fashionable daily uniform, I started adding a necklace just to have one thing that felt pretty. A necklace and a smile –to distract from bad hair...

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