The Journey to Grace

Like everyone making their way through this journey of life, I have danced through moments of joy and delight, and trudged through times of confusion and despair. Walking the daily path certainly provides continuous challenges - studying, working, raising a family, juggling time, finances, transportation, feeding people, cleaning… - multi-tasking required! The everyday journey can feel like a washing machine spin cycle. And spinning can make you exhausted and feel as if you have lost sight of the path. I prayed for Grace. Or a sign. A lot. The only sign that came was odd and with crazy frequency- when I checked
the time, it would end in :11. I kept finding 11 cents on the ground as well! Eleven- I had no idea what that meant. I really needed a map and could not find one - I hoped Grace would just show up at my door.

In brief moments of quiet I thought about the inner journey - questions that run through every human being’s thoughts once in a while… Why am I here? What are my gifts? Who was I created to be? I couldn’t answer any of these questions - it felt like being lost. I prayed for Grace. I couldn’t find Grace. I needed a map.

The map was not Fedexed to my front door. It came as a beautiful gift during one of my most difficult times, like a prize for making it through. I finally realized that Grace had been there all along, every day, and always would be. I just had to recognize it - Amazing Grace had let me see.

In honor of the many 11s that I see on the clock during the day, I now take 11 tools with me to illuminate the both the outer and inner journey. These beautiful Graces are:


Recognizing what is Essential
and especially…

I believe that these tools help light the path for every journey. They are translators for the language of the soul- and help each beautiful soul discover what they have to share. A Divine map so one is never lost. Grace really was on my front doorstep. I just had to open the door.


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