Spin Cycle

Spin cycles come and go in different stages of life. My long spin cycle spun three active and busy children, a busy husband, and an alarm clock that loudly shouted “GO” bright and early each day! - Jump into jeans and a t-shirt, hair control via ponytail, and most importantly, - fast shoes. Fast shoes are often not terribly attractive, but this must be overlooked because they are fast. As this was not a fashionable daily uniform, I started adding a necklace just to have one thing that felt pretty. A necklace and a smile –to distract from bad hair and fast shoes!

The trouble with most necklaces, though, is that the clasp quickly makes its way to the front of one’s outfit – over and over. This is not pretty, and I wanted to find a way to fix it! The solution came in the midst of my most difficult days when I was trying to understand the lessons of Grace around me. A heart shaped jewelry accessory was born which loved that clasp into cooperation. The Clasp Grasp was created to be both functional and beautiful. It keeps your clasp from spinning around and can hold back jewelry, too. A multi-tasker! I have given each back jewelry design a lovely name and hope this encourages reflection on one of the eleven graces. Reflect on Grace and it will light a path for your best good.

You are beautiful. Grace will teach you that until you believe it. Sharing YOUR beautiful with others spreads like gorgeous ripples on water. Wishing you Grace on your journey!


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